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Re: [K12OSN] Default wallpaper for Gnome

If you log in as root, there will be an icon on the desktop that says "Set the default background image". I think you just double-click that, and it will make everybody's wallpaper be the same as root's current wallpaper.

Note that this does not lock down the wallpaper settings. Users are still free to change it. In fact, if they have already changed it I think their wallpaper will not be affected by this.

If you want to lock down the wallpaper settings, you need to use gconf or gconf-editor (GUI). Here's the easy way:

Change root's wallpaper to the wallpaper you want all users to have.
As root, go to Applications, System Tools, Configuration Editor.
Go to desktop, gnome, background.
Right-click on "picture_filename" and choose "Set as Mandatory"

That should do it, but I haven't tested. If anybody sees any mistakes, please speak up.


jeff williams wrote:

Although I have worked a lot with KDE, I have little background with Gnome. With that being said, I am looking for the instructions on setting the system wide default wallpaper for Gnome sessions.

This is a new K12LTSP installation, and I am pretty low on the configuration learning curve. BTW, there is no discussion of this which I can find on the K12LTSP WiKi.

Many thanks.

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