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Re: [K12OSN] Software RAID-1 with 3 Disks?

2008/8/11 Terrell Prude' Jr. <microman cmosnetworks com>
Onatawahtaw wrote:

I also am researching the issue of RAID. I am wondering if it is possible to setup RAID-1 across 3 Disks. From what I've read I've heard some people say that it is not possible. That Raid 1 requires pairs of disks, but that a third could be used as a hot spare. However, other people are claiming to be using RAID-1 with 3 Disks. Is this possible?

Yep, but only with one of the disks as a hot spare.  A RAID 1 is by definition a mirror involving two disks.
I have heard someone (Les Mikesell?) mirroring onto 3 drives, with the third a usb removable drive. He then takes the third drive elsewhere as a backup. So it is possible. Writes are done to all three drives. Reads from the fastest drive. This way two drives can fail and the show still goes on.

Also, I'm trying to understand exactly what a hot spare is. From what I am understanding so far, a hot spare starts out empty. If one of the two disks in a RAID-1 configuration becomes corrupted, the good disk then starts copying itself to the hot spare. It then uses the hot spare as its mirror. Is this a correct understanding of it?


Yep, that's how hot spares work.


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