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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Showing TeacherTool at the Open Minds Conference?

Let me follow up on Bryant's post with a more general reminder that the K12 Open Minds conference is approaching. See http://www.k12openminds.org for more details - this is one of the few conferences devoted to Free and Open Source Software in K-12 education, so if that's an area of interest please come and consider presenting.

There are two updates worth mentioning. First, the deadline for rooms at
the conference rate of $97 a night is August 25. After that, the room
rate will increase dramatically. So if you are planning to attend,
booking a room now (see "Hotels" on the main site) would be a good idea.

Second, we have extended the deadline for speaking proposals to Friday,
August 22, so please consider submitting a talk. While all proposals are
welcome, talks focussed on FOSS at the classroom level, either teaching
or technical, would be welcomed.

Vern Ceder

Bryant Patten wrote:
Robert -

Any chance I can talk you into coming to the national Open Source and Education Conference - Open Minds - next month to give a presentation on TeacherTool? Here is the URL - http://www.k12openminds.org/conference/call-for-speakers
 I think it would be a big hit at the conference.

All the best,

Bryant Patten
Co-Chair - Open Minds Conference &
Executive Director
National Center for Open Source and Education
www.ncose.org <http://www.ncose.org>

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Finally got them up



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