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Re: [K12OSN] Fedora 9 Live LTSP Server, Beta 1

Terrell Prude' Jr. wrote:

No, you're hardly alone, Nils. I run into the same thing you do. When I've done LTSP workshops, I've used K12LTSP, and it's great! But when my workshop attendees learn that they have to upgrade their OS's every year, they balk...until I mention K12LTSP EL. Then they start smiling again. I know of five Windows-to-K12LTSP conversions that happened for exactly this reason.

And then, especially in the USA, you have the scared school administrators and army of hostile (read: scared) MCSE's. 'Nuff said there.

That said, I will happily use Fedora-based K12LTSP for my workshops and also my personal desktop. Fedora's desktop is gorgeous--practically a work of art--and the new features are a great hook for snagging folks teetering on the fence.

Even if you are not going to use it in production yet, I seriously need feedback on it to be sure we're not missing things when people upgrade from LTSP4.2 to LTSP5.

And as far as the upgrade cycle goes, it is likely that if you deploy an upcoming (a few months) Fedora 10 based LTSP5, you are only one upgrade cycle away from an EL6 based LTSP5. Given that the technology is much better there than EL5 with ancient LTSP4.2, it might be worth the one-time pain of upgrading.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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