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Re: [K12OSN] Fedora 9 Live LTSP Server, Beta 1

On Mon, 18 Aug 2008 Warren Togami wrote:
Even if you are not going to use it in production yet, I seriously need feedback on it to be sure we're not missing things when people upgrade from LTSP4.2 to LTSP5.

Wow, Warren this is great. 
I'd planned on trying Ubuntu or Centos on a new installation for fall. 
But this works now. Out of the box.

Server: Intel Q6600 (2.4 GHz quad core) 
8 GB Ram (PAE) Gigabyte P35 Motherboard
(image installed to hard drive, and updated to PAE kernel)

Thin Client Test Results follow (all PXE)

Works fine on medium power thin client 
Celeron 366 MHz, 128 MB Ram, 
i810 graphics and sound OK
1'20" boot time
0'16" login time
(no noticeable difference with 256 MB Ram)

Barely acceptable on ebox 2300
SiS 200 MHz, 64 MB Ram plus 64 MB for onboard graphics
Sound OK (but visualization needed to be off to play music in Totem)
3'20" boot time
1'10" login time

Worked well on old Fujitsu laptop but no sound
PIII 1 GHz, 256 MB Ram, ATI Mach 64 graphics
Yamaha AC-XG sound (inoperative, but it didn't work on LTSP4.2 either)
0'35" boot time
0'12" login time

Here's some random feedback:

The README file on the desktop was great (there was one typo in the spelling of "persistent")

It lists the homepage as k12linux.fedorahosted.org, but I believe you'd want to reference 

I thought that the network changes I performed would persist on install to hard drive, but they needed to be redone.

My live USB booted on my laptop but not on my server, even after trying lots of different BIOS settings. So I burned the iso to DVD for the server trial, and that worked fine.


Will there be a 64-bit edition?

Will there be Java and Flash and other non-free magic install scripts from k12ltsp?

If I install the server at home, then move it to school, 
what files (resolv.conf etc) will I have to edit to not have nameserver problems?

Is Fedora 10 just around the corner?

Thanks for all your dedication.

Patrick Healy, Palm Desert High School

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