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[K12OSN] Samba ADS home folder automatically created

Hello List,

Just curious if anyone can direct me to a link that has a recipe for
Samba - w- home folders -ADS / Windows clients,that will automatically
create a home folder for each domain user that logs into a dedicated
Samba file server with the users home folders residing on it? We have
used this setup for 6 years now, but,, I always have to manually add the
users H: drive via their profile in AD( on the domain controller).I'm
used to this setup,but would like to cut out the having to add the user
both on the Windows Domain controller as well as the actual file server.
I have seen MANY posts on this " how to" EX: the K12LTSP WIKI,but have
never had any of them actually work in the real world.That is,, without
adding the user to the Samba file server for the users to log into with
their home folder already generated,by having had them added to the
Samba server. We are using EL5 K12LTSP. Hope this is clear as mud?

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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