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Re: [K12OSN] Sky high load average with FF and CentOS?

> I'm wondering how Opera would fair in this test? I know Opera is not
> Open Source but it has been the only browser that has allowed me to
> continue teaching with the same old server. Two nice thing are you can
> force the manual proxy setting for all users easily plus all flash
> plugins run by default at nice 19. You can download rpm's for it, just
> get the Red Hat 5 rpm if your using centos 5.

I'll try installing it, but I've learned that teachers can be very
resistant to new things right at the start of the school year.  I have
few that volunteer to test, so ... I can install Opera and then push
some desktop launchers to them.

Aside: I don't know if anyone does this, but I am using the
skel.groups approach to making sure certain icons appear. I just have
scripts in profile.d that run specifically for each group.  If a
person is in the group, they get the script which checks their desktop
and adds/removes icons.  So, for my volunteer group, I just have to
put a launcher in their 'group' directory.

> I had this problem too. It was okay with Acroread 7 but 8 was
> ridiculous. So I am using xpdf now which is fine. But you might want
> to try evince. I cannot because I'm on k12ltsp 4el.

With 2 votes, I'll try evince instead.

Dave Hopkins

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