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Re: [K12OSN] Intel Atom thin clients?

Robert Arkiletian wrote:

so they are charging $70 for the case and power supply. Not bad. I
especially like the external brick PS since it's silent. I just wonder
if the rtl8111c nic is supported yet?

If anyone buys this please report back to the list as I think many
would be interested.

I wrote some notes here about three different Intel Atom based clients that I've seen out there based upon analysis of their specifications.

NOTE: Although it is not mentioned in the specs, this MSI Wind machine seems to have a fan. 26 dba sound (very quiet but not silent) is mentioned which is likely a fan. Fan has the drawback of being a moving part that has the potential to break. My notes talk about a competitor's thin client that explicitly has no fan. The entire case sounds to be a heatsink, which is a good thing.

I really wish we could find something like the TranquilPC T7 Thin Client sold in America.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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