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[K12OSN] Fans - quiet vs. failure?


I've used the Ebox2300 for the last three years,at home as well as at
school. I wouldn't have anything else. I'm always looking at new
hardware that is simple as can be. It has a nice cast finned case. NO
fan. Plenty adequate for most any user.There are lots of other small
thin clients that will work sweet as well but most have fans.. This
simply screws on the back of the LCD with the 4 provided screws.Out of
sight out of mind.Put your hand on the case and it is barley warm. Kids
cant trash it.USB ports on top to shove a usb stick into.Fits in the
palm of your hand. Zero noise,YEAH! Pull it out of the box, screw it on
the back of an existing LCD, you have, plug in your K12LTSP network
wire,enable PXE in bios,and you are up and running!$106 plus
shipping.People at wdlsystems will actually return your phone calls.


Take Care

Barry Cisna

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