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Re: [K12OSN] Fedora 9 Live LTSP Server, Beta 1

Jay Pfaffman wrote:

The show-stopper for me is that there is no support for PPC clients.
Several schools that I'm working with have piles of old iMacs that
work acceptably as clients & having those machines go from unusable,
un-upgradable machines that cannot print to a network printer into
fast clients is pretty compelling.  (OTOH, not compelling enough for
the last school that I tried it in to keep using them.)

PPC client suport seems important.

I personally have no PPC hardware. The code contains some untested (and most assuredly incomplete) support for PPC. It took John Ellson a very small amount of work to get x86_64 client installs working and booting. Someone else could work on the same for PPC, except they would need a PPC machine running Fedora 9 to do so.

If the work is put into making PPC ltsp-build-client work, then we could put the /opt/ltsp/ppc into a tarball. That should theoretically be made bootable after copying to a i386/x86_64 LTSP server and running a few scripts.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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