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Re: [K12OSN] Fans - quiet vs. failure?

I only have about half a year experience w/ fanless clients, but I don't
see how they could overheat.  I'm currently using an LTSP Term 1000 and
some SYM1112 units and they only use about 6 watts of power.  It seems
to me that they just don't make enough heat for ventilation to ever be a


Chuck Kollars wrote:
> Does anybody have a couple years experience with fanless clients?
> There's a clear advantage in the much lower noise level.
> But I suspect the other side of the tradeoff is a very high cost in increased failure rate. 
> I'm old enough to remember when demotivated users caused hardware failures simply by putting a piece of paper over vent holes - I suspect students would accidentally cover vent holes frequently. The last time I stacked up a bunch of Ethernet hubs, all but the bottom one failed within three weeks. And shortly after I rotated a DSL modem so the vent holes were on the sides instead of top and bottom, it failed. 
> Am I just worrying about something that's no longer a problem, or are high failure rates and susceptibility to misuse still big issues?
> -Chuck Kollars
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