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RE: [K12OSN] anyone here tried likewise open?

I am currently using it on a k125el server, have tried it with ubuntu and with fc9 with ltsp. It is working very well and has eliminated the need for the teachers in the INTECH lab (required course) to have to enter any users.After all the students have logged in and the home folders have been created all you need to do is run a simple script on the directory to change the permissions so the savvy students can not copy and submit another students work as their own.

Ernie Hudson

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Subject: [K12OSN] anyone here tried likewise open?

Hello list,

Just curious if anyone here has tried Likewise Open for integrating
Samba and Winders AD? Looks like it may be a good tool for us trench
people trying to make Linux and Winders AD play together. If anyone has
any actual seat time driving this I'd be interested in hearing all of
the caveats to it. Looks like the rpm available they have for download
is for 2.4 kernel. :(


Barry Cisna

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