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Re: [K12OSN] CUPS stopping after printing one job

Hi Ronnie--

I had similar problems with a different set up, but might apply. The issue for me turned out to be fonts that the printer didn't like. If a file stopped the printer once it would stop it again, but if you change the font (make sure you select all to make sure you change all of the characters) to a known good (like Times, for me), it would usually stop offending the printer. And then you can delete the font sets that don't work well with your printers. 



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From: "Ronnie Miller" <rmiller seminole k12 ga us>
> I'm having an issue with cups printing in my k12ltsp labs. Both are
> running Centos 5 with all updates applied. My problem is that when a class
> is printing to the lab printer, the first job or two prints and the rest
> never get printed. It's as if the print service hangs up on the second or
> third job.
> Usually, I have to clear previous jobs using http://localhost:631 and the
> CUPS admin screens to get the printer working for them to print in the
> first place. Both are set up as IP printers. Is there something simple I'm
> missing?
> Any help is always appreciated.
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