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Re: [K12OSN] K12Linux branding ideas

Les Mikesell wrote:
Warren Togami wrote:
Hey folks,

We may soon have ownership of k12linux.* domains. We need to decide how we will use the K12Linux brand name.

In the tradition of K12LTSP, perhaps we should call the installable media spins K12Linux.

K12Linux Live Server F9 Beta 2
K12Linux Live Server F9
K12Linux Live Server F10
K12linux Live Server EL6

I suspect LTSP-4.2 based K12LTSP media will survive until EL6 makes a fully functional LTSP5 on long-term supportable EL-base possible. Thereafter K12LTSP will be considered legacy. Folks could continue to use K12LTSP EL5 if they have not yet upgraded to K12Linux, or if their clients are just too old/slow to work with LTSP5.

Any better ideas?

Is this domain going to be capable of and willing to host something with push-button icons to install flash, realplayer, java, etc.?

I don't know.  That would require:

1) More than just me working on stuff. I can't be solely responsible for fixing bugs and also working on content.

2) Need to get it cleared by legal.  It is possible though.


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