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Re: [K12OSN] Tuning LTSP Performance

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 5:01 PM, Calvin Dodge <caldodge gmail com> wrote:
2008/8/29 Stephen Crampton <SteveSings gmail com>:
> I'm using the latest version of Edubuntu.
> I'm not sure how to check the CPU or network load.  Could someone tell me
> the most efficient way?

IMHO, gkrellm is probably the simplest way. It displays moving graphs
of server metrics, including CPU usage and network bandwidth. If it's
not installed, I'm pretty sure it's readily available for your distro.

/sbin/lspci will tell you what hardware is installed, so you can tell
us the make and model of the server's NIC. Meanwhile, my wild guess is
that it's a network issue - either the NIC, or the switch.  That's why
you want to "cat /proc/net/dev" after running Tuxtype and such - it
will tell you if packet errors or drops are significant contributors
to the problem.


To follow on with this, we noticed that our server that was running wonderfully last year on the  64-bit kernel was having lots of problems on the 32-bit server kernel. It turns out that the 32-bit server kernel and the driver for the onboard NIC don't play so well together and we'd keep getting dropped connection errors. I spent $25 on a new NIC and the speed went back up.

The moral--sometimes the weirdest things can cause issues. And--in my case--it's really good to have a smart student who knows how to check the syslog.

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