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[K12OSN] Time based content filtering


What we do for this situation is in firefox change the prefs globally,
then just have the "teachers" take out the setting in their browser.
Trying to do the time thing is usually a nightmare to actually work in the
real world.Even though hardcoding the prefs in globally it can be taken
out by any user,if they know how to get to Firefox's preferences in the
file menu.
It's worth a shot this way to see if it works for you.
The up side is this is very simple/quick to get setup and actually work.
Simply go to;
go down to about line # 703
pref("network.proxy.http",   change the         "" to "proxyserveripnumber"
pref("network.proxy.http_port", change  the     "" to "80" or "8080"
#whicherver port #
your proxy server listens on.
Close firefox,open firefox, go to preferences,You will see your settings
in Firefox.
The proxy ntlm authentication logons we tried as well and wound up being a
maintenence nightmare.If you have a couple of students that likes to keep
entering usernames/passwords,for this this may work for you .

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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