[K12OSN] OT: Forkbomb

Travis Smith tsmith at geneseeschools.org
Thu Dec 4 01:54:52 UTC 2008

>>> "Travis Smith" <tsmith at geneseeschools.org> 12-03-08 3:33 PM >>>
We were messing around with fork bombs in my computer security class night and found out that we could prevent run away processes in Linux with modifying the limits.conf file but didn't see any prevention techniques for Windows. Today I was looking the registry on a Windows box and seen a dword USERProcessHandleQuota. Would this be the registry setting to preventing say a user from running a fork bomb on a W2k3 terminal server and crippling it?
Sorry for a Microsoft question but I am not on any M$ listservs and I thought it was pretty interesting but scary at the same time(forkbombing). 
Well I tried changing the registry setting on a xp laptop at home but didn't make a difference just toasted it.

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