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Re: [K12OSN] What's Up with the EL5 download?

Dan Young wrote:
2008/12/1 Jim Christiansen <jim c christiansen gmail com>:
When ever I try to download the EL5 iso at:


ANY windows computer shows 4.5 gigs total then says at 474 megs the download
is 100% complete.

What is the client you're using to download on Windows? Maybe it's a
4GB file limit. Try Filezilla or something else maybe?


Or just use GNU/Linux to download it.  :-)

I ran into the 4GB file limit this weekend, but it was because I was using a VFAT-formatted USB thumb drive, not because GNU/Linux couldn't handle 4GB files.  I simply reformatted the thumb drive as ext3, and everything worked great.

But I'd expect Jim's downloads to die at 4GB, not 474MB.  Even with the plethora of problems that MS Windows has, that's still very odd.  I've never seen downloads consistently die at that number.  Could it be that MS Windows boxes are attempting to download the file in pieces, i. e. a "0.5GB" part, followed by the rest of the 4GB?  Sort of like a built-in (but apparently broken) UNIX "split" functionality?

Do you GNU?
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