[K12OSN] LTSP CentOS5 slow

jones yeates jones_yeates at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 2 12:39:15 UTC 2008

> >From the readings that top is showing the server is under almost no> load .16 ( if this was when there were some TC's connected to it). Why> don't you post what the make/model number of your switch is. 
>From what I can remember the switch is a BayStack, I don't know what the model number is.  It has 24 ports that are 10/100's and a Cu Gigabit uplink.  
> >From the error that Jperf is throwing you do not have Java installed on> your server. This is just about a must. So,, do an ' yum install java '> then your Jperf will run without a hitch on your server.
yum install java doesn't work.  You have to go to the site and download the rpm.....
I haven't done it yet, but I plan to.
Yesterday I had my server "heavy" day.  Things worked at normal speeds.  I am not sure what happened last week.  However the server was extremely slow.  I used the System Monitor and watched it all day.  
Yesterday, when things were slow it was either:  a lot of network usage or CPU usage, but not both.
In the morning the students were on Window boxes using Flash and Samba.  I think some of them were working directly off of the server:  saving/executing.  I think that might have slowed things down.  I asked them to copy the file onto their desktops and work from there and then save it to their folders.  It seemed to work a bit better.
During the afternoon (they were on a Linux box), there was no noticable lag.  I also asked the students to try to use Opera instead of Firefox.  They complained a bit but it was nice to see the CPU numbers go down.
I'm hoping that it'll stay this way for at least the rest of the week.  =]
Thanks for all your help!

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