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[K12OSN] It's Good to be Back

I used K12LTSP about five years ago and was active on SEUL and on this mailing list back then. I moved to a different state (NH), and my association with the school where I installed L12LTSP necessarily ended.

Last year my new church opened a new school, and this year, I have deployed K12LTSP again. It's good to be back.

Last year we received six PC's as a donation, and they came with Win2K installed on them. We didn't have Internet access then, and I was not ready to fight the good fight yet. I did install OpenOffice on all the machines though, and that was pretty much all they wanted. This year they started asking for more, and for everything they said they wanted, I remembered having it for free at my previous school. So I proposed piloting k12ltsp and got a green light.

I commandeered the PC we have in the AV room as the ltsp server. It's a fairly decent machine (about double the speed, memory, and HD of the server I had at the previous school).

During setup, one of the six Win2K machines (which are my clients now) gave up the ghost. It is an ex-PC now. So I'm down to five clients.

The first day went pretty well. The kids were very excited, and had a blast. OOo looks just the same as last year (no accident there). I have had a chance to speak to the teacher only briefly, but her impression was also very positive. So it looks like I'll get a green light.

Since the pilot is going well so far, I decided to start looking for a permanent ltsp server so we don't have to rely on the AV PC. I found a place to buy some very impressive looking refurbished blade servers for next to nothing, and I'd like a little advice:


The one I have my eye on is an IBM 1U blade with two 2.4GHz Opterons, 4G RAM, and a single 73G Ultra320 SCSI drive:


I could go with a bigger drive if I went with a no-name blade, and it would be SATA instead of SCSI. SATA is nice because I can get more capacity cheap, but SCSI just seems so much better. And with only 7 students in our whole school, I'm thinking 73G will last a long time.

So what would you do? Go for a no-name with more HD capacity and a cheap upgrade route, or go with IBM+SCSI knowing that adding more storage later is going to cost some major bux?

I'm also looking at one of these to replace my smoked client:


Has anyone dealt with geeks.com before? Should I be afraid that their offers too good to be true? (They... they seem like they might be.)

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