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Re: [K12OSN] Impress Aborts Out in Slide Show

Ronnie Miller wrote:
I posted this several months ago with no real responses or resolution, but
that was on a slower server with the 32 bit Centos 5 version of K12LTSP.
I've since replaced the server with a new server with a quad core
processor and 8 GB of ram running the 64 bit version of Centos 5. All
patches are up-to-date.

The problem occurs in the lab when several kids are creating/edit
presentations in Impress. Whenever they try to run the slide show to view
their presentations, the first one or two will open fine, but after about
the third one, whenever they click "Slide Show", the first slide will open
up, then Impress/Open Office aborts out. The kids then try to re-open
Impress and they get the "unrecovered document" error and they have to
recover the document. From that point forward, the presentation won't run
in "Slide Show" mode, at least not on that same terminal. Sometimes, but
not always, they can save the document to a shared folder and pull it up
on a different terminal and the slide show will run.

Any thoughts or suggestions are most appreciated. It is very frustrating
in an Elmentary School lab scenario.

Could it be that your terminals are running out of RAM for X? Try turning on swap for the terminals and see what happens. I had similar problems with Impress on terminals with 128MB of RAM, so I added 256MB of swap and it ran without crashing.

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