[K12OSN] Impress Aborts Out in Slide Show

John Lucas mrjohnlucas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 17:23:28 UTC 2008

Ronnie Miller wrote:
> I posted this several months ago with no real responses or resolution, but
> that was on a slower server with the 32 bit Centos 5 version of K12LTSP.
> I've since replaced the server with a new server with a quad core
> processor and 8 GB of ram running the 64 bit version of Centos 5. All
> patches are up-to-date.
> The problem occurs in the lab when several kids are creating/edit
> presentations in Impress. Whenever they try to run the slide show to view
> their presentations, the first one or two will open fine, but after about
> the third one, whenever they click "Slide Show", the first slide will open
> up, then Impress/Open Office aborts out. The kids then try to re-open
> Impress and they get the "unrecovered document" error and they have to
> recover the document. From that point forward, the presentation won't run
> in "Slide Show" mode, at least not on that same terminal. Sometimes, but
> not always, they can save the document to a shared folder and pull it up
> on a different terminal and the slide show will run.
> Any thoughts or suggestions are most appreciated. It is very frustrating
> in an Elmentary School lab scenario.

Could it be that your terminals are running out of RAM for X? Try turning on 
swap for the terminals and see what happens. I had similar problems with 
Impress on terminals with 128MB of RAM, so I added 256MB of swap and it ran 
without crashing.

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