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RE: [K12OSN] LTSP CentOS5 slow

In the morning the students were on Window boxes using Flash and Samba.  I think some of them were working directly off of the server:  saving/executing.  I think that might have slowed things down.  I asked them to copy the file onto their desktops and work from there and then save it to their folders.  It seemed to work a bit better.

>Ah, now that will affect things in a big way.  If you've already got a lot of disk I/O going, that will certainly slow things
>down.  In your situation, I'd have a physically separate, dedicated file server with hardware SATA RAID (level 5 or 10)
>and at least six spindles (hard disk drives); the more spindles here, the better.  Any time I do any heavy disk I/O on my
>K12LTSP server here at home, it slows down the server.  Of course, my server has only a SATA RAID 1.

This has been the 2nd class with Flash and the server has been fine.  It looks like that might have been the culprit.

During the afternoon (they were on a Linux box), there was no noticable lag.  I also asked the students to try to use Opera instead of Firefox.  They complained a bit but it was nice to see the CPU numbers go down.

> Have them try Konqueror as well.  It takes wonderful advantage of shared libraries (thus lower DRAM usage) and also
> will find/use the Firefox plugins (Flash, etc.).  Further, it comes with stock K12LTSP and thus works with "yum
> update".

I tried Konqueror and I noticed that the cisco.netacad.net site works on it now.  I upgraded Firefox and Flash stopped working on it.  Cisco Academy said I had to downgrade to get the site to work.  The site didn't work in Opera.  It only works in Konqueror.  Thanks for the tip!  I no longer have to go to Windows to view that site. =]

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