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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP CentOS5 slow

jones yeates wrote:

> Have them try Konqueror as well.  It takes wonderful advantage of shared libraries (thus lower DRAM usage) and also
> will find/use the Firefox plugins (Flash, etc.).  Further, it comes with stock K12LTSP and thus works with "yum
> update".

I tried Konqueror and I noticed that the cisco.netacad.net site works on it now.  I upgraded Firefox and Flash stopped working on it.  Cisco Academy said I had to downgrade to get the site to work.  The site didn't work in Opera.  It only works in Konqueror.  Thanks for the tip!  I no longer have to go to Windows to view that site. =]

Ah, Cisco...user of Free Software, but so loath to contribute to same....

If Cisco doesn't watch it with their increasing levels of arrogance, they may well find themselves "Konquered" by the likes of Vyatta. 

Just curious.  Have any schools considered a Red Hat Academy instead of the Cisco one?

Do you GNU?
Microsoft Free since 2003--the ultimate antivirus protection!

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