[K12OSN] netstat return values

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Thu Dec 4 22:06:32 UTC 2008

Hi Robert,

I just been trying to do some investigating some more on the FC9 server
with ltsp5. In my hosts file on my EL5/K12ltsp server for the server i
have  server.domain server localhost.localdomain localhost
This is identical entry to the FC9 server's host file ( IPv4).
On my server when i do a simple 
' netstat | grep 6001 '
 I get a return of 
localhost.localdomain:6001  ,, many times of course.
 for entries that show.
On the FC9 server it always comes back with
Is it possible that 'localhost' never showing is not letting
fl_teachertool "see" the logged in TC's on the FC9 server?
Thats the only difference I see when running the longer netstat command
that you emailed me yesterday between the two.
BTW : when I run hostname on my machine it returns  server.domain
Just curious.

Barry Cisna

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