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[K12OSN] Clients No Longer Boot

I have been successfully running an LTSP server. It's Fedora 9 with LTSP 5.

Last night, I installed a program called WebWork: an open source program that allows me to deploy math homework online. At that time, I saw no trouble.

Today, my clients will not boot. The clients "see" the server. IP addresses are exchanged, there is a DHCP address and a TFTP address. Then the computer starts to display the screen of dots....very, very, very slowly. I've been watching my latest attempt for about 10 minutes and I'm up to 5 dots.

I have a working LTSP set up on a flash drive. I tried comparing the different files. What I checked was the same.

Could someone please help me? My Calculus and Physics students are particularly depending on this working and I really don't want to do a clean install of the whole operating system.


Jason Waskiewicz
Bowman County Schools
Bowman, ND  58623

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