[K12OSN] Clients No Longer Boot

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Fri Dec 5 07:58:19 UTC 2008


As stated earlier. You may have another dhcp server piped into your ltsp
network ( and you don't realize it).Do you have static ip's on both eth0
& eth1? Can you see ( you can hit the 'pause' on the keyboard to stop
the boot process)that the ip numbers when the client first boots is that
of the actual ltsp server?Usually the first ip numbers appear correctly
but half way through the boot processs you will see 'phantom' ip
numbers( if it is in fact a second dhcp server running on your network).
Try plugging in a laptop to your TC's switch. If it's Linux laptop do
an; 'service network restart' a couple times. If it's a winders latop do
an ; ' ipconfig /release' then an ; ' ipconfig /renew ' a couple times
and see what the dhcp server #'s are.
If this looks without a doubt correct. then get another switch to try
temporarily.Also reboot your k12ltsp server one time just to see if a
network restart resolves it.
One last thing, you didn't mention how the TC's are booting,,if you are
by chance using a floppy disk to boot your TC's make a couple new
floppies and pop them in the TC's. From what you are describing this
"appears" that this may be the prob.

Barry Cisna

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