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Re: [K12OSN] Booting Acer One from SD card?

Rob Owens wrote:
Peter Scheie wrote:

My latest idea is to put the OS onto an SD card and boot the A1 from
that.  1GB SD cards are cheap, about $5, maybe less if you bought a
large quantity.  You could burn a bunch of these including extras, give
the extras to the teacher(s), so that if, when the kids grab the A1s for
whatever project, one says "This one's not booting", the teacher can
just pop in a new SD card.  This does have the problem of kids taking
the SD card, but it's easier to deal with than needing to have the A1 in
your possession to actually getting it working which would be the case
if the internal storage were used.

I tried it on my Acer Aspire One and it did not work.  The boot menu
does not give the option to boot from the SD card, even when a bootable
SD card is installed (I tried both SD slots).

How about booting from one of these tiny, cheap usb sticks:


Using the tiny USB stick is a very good idea. I just got one from someone as a sample at LTSP BTS. Didn't occur to me to try to use that. And their pricing seems to be roughly the same as SD cards. Thanks for the suggestion.


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