[K12OSN] alpha-numeric sorting in nautilus

Rob Owens rob.owens at biochemfluidics.com
Fri Dec 5 17:03:46 UTC 2008

Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
> Rob Owens wrote:
>> I'm trying to use Nautilus to find drawings by their filename in a large
>> directory.  For some reason they don't come out in proper order.  For
>> instance, this is how Nautilus sorts these files by name:
>> 002-009-001--revH.pdf
>> 03950T2-S749--revG.pdf
>> 006037S.pdf
>> (note that these are all zeros, and not "oh's")
>> I've tried a few file managers (both Linux and Windows) and they all
>> sort the files in this order.  Konqueror is the only exception.  It
>> sorts properly -- the same way that 'ls' sorts.
>> I'd like for my users to be able to use Nautilus.  Is there a way to
>> correct it's screwed-up alphabetizing?
>> -Rob
> Well, just the obvious question:  anything particular you don't like
> about Konqueror?  Sounds like it's doing the job for you....
Just that we use Nautilus for everything else.  I'll feel like I'm not
doing a good job if I don't at least try to fix Nautilus.  But I'll use
Konqueror if I don't get anywhere w/ Nautilus.

> A little Googling shows that you're hardly the only one running into
> this.  The Ubuntu forms have several entries on just this (admittedly
> annoying) "intelligence" in Nautilus.  Apparently it has something to do
> with the user's locale setting.  I'd start here:
>   http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-471154.html
> and then, if you think it's worth it, continue with this:
>   http://www.linux.com/articles/53781
Thanks for the links.  I have a better understanding of it now, but the
fix cited in the first link did not work.  First of all, .gnomerc
doesn't seem to be read when I log in.  But if I manually do "export
LC_COLLATE=C", it still doesn't fix the problem.


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