[K12OSN] Adjusting User Menus and Desktops

M Rathburn stretchem at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 13:34:04 UTC 2008

I read through the Sabayon docs, but not a lot of detail given for novices.

Did get Gconf-editor installed and working (yum install gconf-editor).  It's
limited but better than command line.

-Mike Rathburn
 Children First Florida

	Is sabayon working yet? It has never worked for me yet.
	2008/12/4 Peter Scheie <peter at scheie.homedns.org>
		Look into sabayon.

		M Rathburn wrote:
			F9 w/LTSP5, PXE TC's
			Could someone please provide some documentation or
links for exactly how to
			edit user's or groups of user's Gnome menus and

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