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One of our clients uses Powerschool in a K12LTSP environment with no problems. It's entirely web based with a sprinkling of java applets here and there. The only 'gotcha' we had was that the applets use some specific TCP ports for communication that were blocked by the firewall. Once allowed, it works perfectly. 

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> On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 4:51 PM, Accessys at smart.net < accessys at smart.net >wrote: 
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> > I've finally got our school to consider K12ltsp but they want "power 
> > school" or an equivilant. also there is a desire for a live CD. 
> > 
> > we're a parochial high school in Baltimore MD. 
> > 
> I am a volunteer supporting a public middle school in San Francisco that 
> uses Power School. I am told by one of the teachers who is sympathetic to 
> FOSS that he has been told that Power School is in the process of making PS 
> browseable. At that point, the problem will go away. 
> Unless this is the wrong power school: 
> http://www.powerschool.com/product/ 
> The problem is already gone their introductory statement as posted below indicates that the system is already browseable. 
> "PowerSchool is a fully integrated, web-based, cross-platform student information system used by thousands of school districts. Fast to implement, reliable, and affordable ." 
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