[K12OSN] NFS v3 and v4 and Secure Logins

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Wed Dec 10 00:04:22 UTC 2008


It is my understanding, and it may be a superficial one, that a
primary reason for moving away from LTSP4 and NFSv3 was security.  It
seems like NBD and LDM promise speed and security, thus they are the
foundation of LTSP5.  However, experience for me is showing that
nfs-based thin-client deployments, such as with DRBL or the
K12LTSPel5, are more satisfying for users with 'seasoned' hardware.
Is it possible that something like NFSv4 would help to solve the
packet-sniffing concerns, and isn't there a securely-wrapped GUI login
method other than LDM?  Just wondering.


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