[K12OSN] Kid gets Linux LiveCD's confiscated at school!

moon moon at smbis.com
Wed Dec 10 20:37:51 UTC 2008

I take exception to the comment: people get 'old' and DONT like change. I
happen to be 56 and cannot get anyone younger to even consider getting off
the needle (M$). I have asked several times for commitment from the school
and teachers to get involved, learn, volunteer, teach... The root of the
problem is not age or sex; it's simply laziness and disinterest in learning
anything new or giving back...

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Thanks for posting this. This just reiterates what's been said here many
times before,how 'simple' people that are "teachers" really are. It's
kind of a sad fact isn't it? Bottom line, people get 'old' and DONT like
change. Its really that simple. As long as the paycheck keeps
rolling,most teachers get in a comfort zone they don't want to 'step out
of'. People also (as states in this story) that are simple "If it is
free it can not be any good" ,,,without even seeing the benefits,,or non
benefits of the subject. Again it boils down to being simple minded.
There is no other word for it.There is an exception once in a while to
this kind of mindset but they are few and far between it seems. 

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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