[K12OSN] Best solution for Internet access, control, and caching?

Joseph Bishay joseph.bishay at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 21:46:37 UTC 2008


How is everyone doing?

We're revamping our Church network here and a new situation has
arisen.  Our network has both an k12LTSP server handling around 20
clients, and several standalone Window and Linux machines that need
Internet access as well.  We have a DSL connection with 5 static IPs.

I've read about Squid/Squidguard, IPCop, Dansguard, smoothwall, and
lots of other stuff and it's all starting to blur.  I'd like to have
the following:

1) Ability to log who (client or standalone) accessed what
2) Ability to block elementary students from accessing inappropriate sites
3) Ability to allow certain computers unfettered access to any site
4) A caching mechanism so common sites the whole class runs can be
faster (is this needed? At some point is used to be all the rave)
5) Ability for someone remotely to connect to the LTSP server or one
of the the other Linux machines for administration.
6) Do my laundry :)

I know some products do some things but I don't understand what does
what.  I understand this would have to reside on a standalone machine
and I have plenty of older computers that I can slap a couple of
network cards into so that side is no problem.

I look forward to your always-useful feedback.

Thank you

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