[K12OSN] Best solution for Internet access, control, and caching?

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Fri Dec 12 01:48:19 UTC 2008

with the following addons
advanced proxy
url filter
update accelerator

deployed in many facilities...schools/churches/businesses...
works lovely..and if you want truly draconian control...
install BlockOutTraffic(BOT)...and nothing leave/enters without strict 


j.w. thomas wrote:
> Joseph Bishay wrote:
>> Hello,
>> How is everyone doing?
>> We're revamping our Church network here and a new situation has
>> arisen.  Our network has both an k12LTSP server handling around 20
>> clients, and several standalone Window and Linux machines that need
>> Internet access as well.  We have a DSL connection with 5 static IPs.
>> I've read about Squid/Squidguard, IPCop, Dansguard, smoothwall, and
>> lots of other stuff and it's all starting to blur.  I'd like to have
>> the following:
>> 1) Ability to log who (client or standalone) accessed what
>> 2) Ability to block elementary students from accessing inappropriate 
>> sites
>> 3) Ability to allow certain computers unfettered access to any site
>> 4) A caching mechanism so common sites the whole class runs can be
>> faster (is this needed? At some point is used to be all the rave)
>> 5) Ability for someone remotely to connect to the LTSP server or one
>> of the the other Linux machines for administration.
>> 6) Do my laundry :)
>> I know some products do some things but I don't understand what does
>> what.  I understand this would have to reside on a standalone machine
>> and I have plenty of older computers that I can slap a couple of
>> network cards into so that side is no problem.
>> I look forward to your always-useful feedback.
>> Thank you
>> Joseph
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> Squid is a web caching proxy, so that will handle requirement 4. 
> Squidguard in a squid plugin that will do filtering (Dans guardian is 
> another filter, but I haven't used it).  squidguard is highly 
> configurable, and it will log who goes where.  You can specify time 
> periods, ip addresses, usernames (though I never tried that).  It 
> operated off blacklists and whitelists.  I really liked it and am 
> getting ready to deploy it on my network.  When I get time.
> For remote admin, use ssh.  squid and squidguard can both be managed 
> from the command line, so ssh will work just fine for that.

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