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[K12OSN] Help--update killed everything

Sorry for the cross-post, but students are arriving in 15 mins and I'm desperate.

I updated my two Ubuntu 8.04 servers with LTSP to 8.10 last night. Once they finished, I copied over my old LTSP images to /opt/ltsp-8.04 and ran ltsp-build-client from scratch to create a new image.

Now, when I boot the clients, something very strange happens.

I use Ctrl+Alt+F1 to follow the boot progress in the terminal. After displaying the "Loading hardward drivers" (which takes a while) message, the background flashes green. It gets to the "Creating authfile...(something)" message and then the monitor goes black. Not only that, whatever signal the client is sending to the monitor is so offensive that at this point, not even the monitor menu button on the front works.

The clients are NTAVO 6020P's and the monitors are HP 1706's.

Any ideas what could be going on?


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