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Re: [K12OSN] Best solution for Internet access, control, and caching?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply.  I spent some time last night after work poking
around the network and hardware and this is what I have available:

1) SMC 8013WG Gateway router
(http://www.speedguide.net/broadband-view.php?hw=139) for our net
2) D-Link 604 router 4-port router (http://www.d-link.ca/products/?pid=62)
3) 8-port 10/100 switch
4) 16 port gigabit switch
5) 6 computers that need to be networked and have Internet access (Ex:
window XP machines, a Linux server, backup machine, etc.)
6) 1 LTSP server with 20 clients
7) a single Pentium III I can use as the squid/proxy/filtering machine

So to make sure I understand your recommendation I would go:

Internet -> SMC Gateway router -> d-link router -> squid/proxy machine
-> 8-port switch -> LTSP net NIC and the 6 net-only machines


LTSP client NIC -> gigabit switch -> thin clients.

Part of what you said in your email that I didn't understand was when you said:

> (firewall rules applied).  Currently all our Windows and Apple
> computers are in the private network of the LTSP servers with IP
> forwarding.  I currently run DansGuardian with Squid and Squid Guard

Does this mean that they are running off of the LTSP client NIC?  How
is that possible?

Thank you

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