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[K12OSN] LTSP server with 3 NICs?


How are you? I hope you are all doing well.

I figure after lurking for a while it was time to get all my questions out. :)

It ends up that our new LTSP network has two groups of clients
(currently existing LTSP room A and a new room of thin clients in room
B).  Each room has a switch.  There are 2 cables that then run from
room A and B to a common server room where the LTSP server is.
Originally the LTSP server was in room A serving only that room.

Our LTSP server has 3 network cards.  Currently one of those cards is
not active.  The second NIC plugs into the switch for the thin clients
and the last NIC plugs into the router for Internet access.

How do I activate that 3rd NIC card as a second thin client card?
That way NIC A serves room A and NIC B serves room B and NIC C access
the internet for room A & B?

I wasn't able to search for this because I didn't know what this
process was called -- I didn't think it was network bonding.

Thank you.

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