[K12OSN] OT - Question about Freenx

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Dec 20 09:32:06 UTC 2008


You said you made a "copy" of the client.id_dsa.key file?
NX is still looking at /etc/nxserver/client.id_dsa.key so this(copy)
will not work.
1. Make sure that /etc/nxserver dir is set to 755 permissions.
2. Make sure the client.id_dsa.key is set to 600 and the owner is *nx*
and the group is root.
3. Then just to clear things up do a ' service iptables stop'.
Then try to connect to your server from your nx icon.
If you imported and saved the client.id_dsa.key it looks like it should
Let us know what you find.

Barry Cisna

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