[K12OSN] OT: Using multiple DSL connections

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Fri Feb 1 05:44:04 UTC 2008

Tim Nelson wrote:
> You may want to look at another open source project called pfSense.
> It is a router/firewall platform that you can run on embedded
> hardware or even an old server/pc you have lying around. One of its
> greatest features is the abiliity to load balance multiple WAN links.
> Keep in mind if you have two 3Mbit pipes, you will not get 6Mbit
> throughput, but rather, outbound connections will be sent out one
> pipe or another based upon state or bandwidth usage. You can even
> assign your VoIP traffic priority over other traffic using the built
> in traffic shaper.
> The project is -VERY- active with an imminent 1.2 stable release just
> around the corner. Support is second to none in the forums, mailing
> lists, and their paid commercial support.

Ditto to pfSense.  It is so very, very good.

> http://www.pfsense.org
> Tim Nelson Systems/Network Support Rockbochs Inc. (218)727-4332


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