[K12OSN] Mass remote login to computer lab systems

David Hopkins dahopkins429 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 21:22:04 UTC 2008

> > Link promotions and pay increases to performance enhancing technology
> > proficiency testing devised by the tech geeks like us. When the ego is
> > slapped with the paycheck, many people will start paying attention to
> > the nerd who is trying to teach them how to stop looking foolish.

trouble is what constitutes good use?  No matter what you pick, the
union will get involved and then it gets very very complicated.  Just
look at the fuss over using standardized testing as a measure of
teacher effectiveness.  The approach I've found to work is patience
and re-enforcement of the 'but the kids don't have an issue with it'.
Couple this with showing them things they can do with the Linux-way
that can't be done easily nor cheaply the MS/Apple way and get upper
management to take the savings and put them back into the classroom as
books, field trips, pay increases, other benefits, plus being able to
give all the software to the kids for home use and most of the
teachers start to appreciate it.

> As mentioned earlier in this thread, our tech coordinator likes to
> mention how many degrees and pieces of paper she has.   She's also
> real big on tying pay increases to increases in test scores when
> negations come around.  Her first question when approached with a new
> IT project is "Exactly what does Apple Corporation sell that I can
> purchase that may meet some aspect of this new need.".
> My idea was to start charging $130 per seat off of a K12LTSP server.
> <sarcasm>Then it has to be good, right?</sarcasm>
Which is why we use StarOffice instead of just OO.org ... granted it
is only $80.00 for the entire district, but ... it is a paid product.
And I have had someone in the DOE actually ask me why they should be
interested in saving money since if they don't spend it, then their
'power' is reduced on the next budget.

Dave Hopkins

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