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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Using multiple DSL connections

Tim Nelson wrote:
You may want to look at another open source project called pfSense.
It is a router/firewall platform that you can run on embedded
hardware or even an old server/pc you have lying around. One of its
greatest features is the abiliity to load balance multiple WAN links.
Keep in mind if you have two 3Mbit pipes, you will not get 6Mbit
throughput, but rather, outbound connections will be sent out one
pipe or another based upon state or bandwidth usage. You can even
assign your VoIP traffic priority over other traffic using the built
in traffic shaper.

The project is -VERY- active with an imminent 1.2 stable release just
around the corner. Support is second to none in the forums, mailing
lists, and their paid commercial support.

Ditto to pfSense.  It is so very, very good.


Tim Nelson Systems/Network Support Rockbochs Inc. (218)727-4332


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