[K12OSN] Need help integrating LTSP Server into school network

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Fri Feb 1 09:37:46 UTC 2008

Devry Lin wrote:

> Thank you all for the help! It was because of the subnetting... (our school
> used a 192.168 network.. so i changed the LTSP to 172.168) I was able to
I think that's a routeable address. There are internet sites with "real" 
address in the range 172.168.x.x that you won't be able to reach if your 
internal LAN has those addresses.
You might do better to choose a subnet in the range 172.16.x.x - 172.31.x.x

> convince the IT people in my school to let me plug it on to the network, and
> now i am writting this mail on one of the clients!
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