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Re: [K12OSN] Need help integrating LTSP Server into school network

Sudev Barar wrote:

On 01/02/2008, Micha Silver <micha arava co il> wrote:
I think that's a routeable address. There are internet sites with "real"
address in the range 172.168.x.x that you won't be able to reach if your
internal LAN has those addresses.
You might do better to choose a subnet in the range 172.16.x.x - 172.31.x.x

AFAIK this is local subnet range as is 10...
If I'm not mistaken, Devry chose 172.168.x.x as his subnet. That's not a local subnet range.
From rfc1918:

3. Private Address Space

  The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved the
  following three blocks of the IP address space for private internets:        -  (10/8 prefix)      -  (172.16/12 prefix)     - (192.168/16 prefix)

  We will refer to the first block as "24-bit block", the second as
  "20-bit block", and to the third as "16-bit" block. Note that (in
  pre-CIDR notation) the first block is nothing but a single class A
  network number, while the second block is a set of 16 contiguous
  class B network numbers, and third block is a set of 256 contiguous
  class C network numbers.

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