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Re: [K12OSN] No one can log in! Advice please.

Joseph Bishay wrote:

Thank you for that. I am not very good with such scripts so I used du
--max-depth=1 -h in /home to give me the listing for everyone.  The
biggest user we have is using 400 MB.  You are right that 37 GB is
small nowadays.  When we originally purchased the drives (37x2 SCSI
drives in a hardware RAID mirror configuration) it was the most we
could afford.  However, we only have 12 computers, and a total
userbase of 25 students, so it has been more that sufficient for
several years.  I also backup and wipe it at the end of every school
year for a fresh install.

Are there any other possibilities?

I thought you said you rebooted in an earlier email, but if you haven't it is possible for a process to open a file and remove it's name while it is still open. In this case, the process can still access the data in the open file and the space is not released until the last process closes it. Killing the process with the open file (which obviously happens if you reboot) will fix that. Another possibility is that you have file system corruption that needs to be fixed with fsck. This should be done with the file system unmounted so the easiest way might be to use the -F option to shutdown to force the fsck run at bootup.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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