[K12OSN] No one can log in! Advice please.

Joseph Bishay joseph.bishay at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 22:56:52 UTC 2008


> I thought you said you rebooted in an earlier email, but if you haven't
> it is possible for a process to open a file and remove it's name while
> it is still open.

You are correct - I first rebooted the system to see if it would
resolve the issue (Hey, I come from a windows background -- rebooting
solves everything!).  When that didn't work I rebooted again into
single user mode and cleaned stuff up and rebooted back into runlevel
5 - still not working.

> have file system corruption that needs to be fixed with fsck.  This
> should be done with the file system unmounted so the easiest way might
> be to use the -F option to shutdown to force the fsck run at bootup.

I was thinking I needed to boot into knoppix or something to do that
-- I"m glad there is an easiery way!  Do I just run 'shutdown -F' to
force it to check? (sorry, silly question I'm sure -- I've just lost a
server trying to run fsck improperly).

Thank you

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