[K12OSN] Setting up Writer and Shared docs

John Montoya jomonto at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 16:38:46 UTC 2008

Hi Everyone-

K12ltsp version 6

Two issues:

The lab teacher wants clip art for the students to use in Writer. So I
located the open clip art source and installed it. I opened Writer on
the server, created a new theme (pointing to the new folder of clip
art) - and it works fine on the server - except the students can not
see the new theme. Is there a method for sharing the clip art so all
students will be able to see and use it?

The same lab teacher purchased a teaching manual for OpenOffice. The
book has assignments that students are to complete. There are
corresponding documents that you are able to download from this
company (which we have).
So another similar "file sharing" issue. I have one set of assignment
files, that need to be distributed to each student's workstation for
completion. So do I have to copy the folder 30 times to each home
directory? (I can't imagine so....<smile>).

... and one more little thing-

I noticed that when you lock the server (ie: log out as what ever user
you were) it takes you back to a Fedora login screen (which is good -
for all intent, the server is locked) - but I also noticed at the
bottom of the screen, "Language / Session / Restart / Shut Down" - I
thought... those functions couldn't possibly be usable... ummmmm - I
was wrong, they are. <smile> - So I'm guessing it's only a matter of
time before one of the students is messing around at the teachers desk
(where the server lives) - and just shuts down the server. Is there a
way to disable all these functions - or a way to really lock the
server (after you log out)??

Thanks for your time & help,


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