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Re: [K12OSN] New SmartBoard and Edubuntu...I'm truly impressed!

If the SmartBoard is simply being used as the display surface for a projector, then I agree with your comments. However, the Smartboard provides soooo much more. There is an unlimited number of ways to use a SmartBoard to foster a sense of enthusiasm and engagement that does not normally occur. The Smarttech website has an entire area devoted to creating lesson plans and projects.

When used properly, especially at the grade school level, a SmartBoard system provides a huge level of engagement with a small amount of order/distraction. A group of students gathered around a SmartBoard and actively identifying the subject matter by pointing to and touching the board has increased participation and excitement with the subject material. When used properly, these devices foster at least the same amount of active participation as a thin client and they don't require as much support or space.

James P. Kinney III wrote:
I have yet to see anything done with a smartboard benefiting the
educational process that can't be done more broadly and actively with
Linux thin clients and a collaborative workspace like fl_teachertool.

The money spent on a smartboard buys an activity for a single person at
a time while the others sit passively. This is the same failure mode
that was in place with filmstrips, movies and EDU TV. The technology is
changing but the practice is nearly identical. The streaming video junk
from UnitedStreaming is just filmstrips done on a more expensive player
(that school can't keep due to licensing <gag!>).
For the same cost of a single smartboard, multiple Linux thin clients
can be installed in the classroom. Imagine the learning that can happen
when students can actively participate in doing things instead of being
a passive observer.

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