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Re: [K12OSN] Inexpensive Thin Client for Testing

If you're really looking for cheap clients, get an older computer that
you think is worthless.  Ask around for some, I'm sure you'll find
them.  All you really need is a floppy or cd drive, it helps to have
at least 64MB of ram, video card (4-8 MB will do), network card, and a
processor that runs around 266Mhz or better.  Get the universal
netboot floppy (or cd), and boot.  You can even use existing computers
in conjunction with the netboot disk for testing purposes, just to
show how it all works.  When the demonstration is over, remove the
netboot disk, and everything is back to normal.

I wouldn't bother buying a thing until you decide this is the
direction you want to go.

Many of my clients meet the above description.  We did piece out a
bunch of dead machines and load 128 MB of ram for all my clients this
last fall, and they work great.

Good Luck,


On Feb 8, 2008 9:47 AM, Tim Nelson <tnelson rockbochs com> wrote:
> Hello! I'm about to start testing a small K12LTSP installation and need a few thin clients for testing. I've been leaning towards the Neoware units that can be found cheaply on eBay. Are there certain models that are advisable over the others? Are the Neoware units usable? I appreciate any recommendations you can give. Thank you!
> --Tim
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