[K12OSN] Permissions question - shared folder

Mark Lindman mlindman at charter.net
Wed Feb 13 05:47:37 UTC 2008

I am having a frustrating time sorting out a file permissions issue on a
K12LTSP Centos 5.0EL.  

The school has a photography class which is assembling images for the
school year book. I created a folder /home/YearBookCentral to be a
shared location for all the text and images.  They want to be able to
share all files and sub-folders amongst the photography class. Any
member of the class should be able to open/modify/rewrite any file
within the folder and all sub-folders.

I went back into the archives and searched for umask, and followed
instructions in the thread

Here is what I've done:
1. Created group photostudents
2. mkdir /home/YearBookCentral
3. chgrp photostudents /home/YearBookCentral
4. chmod -R g+ws /home/YearBookCentral
5. To test the setup, I created user testps. I made testps a member of
testps, and also member of photostudents. I logged on with testps, and
confirmed that umask is 002. 

>From a command prompt, user testps can create files and folders
in /home/YearBookCentral.  All the files and folders have testps as
owner, and photostudents as group, and both have rw permissions.

>From an application, or from the file browser, any files or folders have
the user testps as owner, with rw, and the group photostudents with r
(no w). 

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for listening...


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