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Re: [K12OSN] Permissions question - shared folder

Mark Lindman wrote:
I am having a frustrating time sorting out a file permissions issue on a
K12LTSP Centos 5.0EL.
The school has a photography class which is assembling images for the
school year book. I created a folder /home/YearBookCentral to be a
shared location for all the text and images.  They want to be able to
share all files and sub-folders amongst the photography class. Any
member of the class should be able to open/modify/rewrite any file
within the folder and all sub-folders.

I went back into the archives and searched for umask, and followed
instructions in the thread

Here is what I've done:
1. Created group photostudents
2. mkdir /home/YearBookCentral
3. chgrp photostudents /home/YearBookCentral
4. chmod -R g+ws /home/YearBookCentral
5. To test the setup, I created user testps. I made testps a member of
testps, and also member of photostudents. I logged on with testps, and
confirmed that umask is 002.
From a command prompt, user testps can create files and folders
in /home/YearBookCentral.  All the files and folders have testps as
owner, and photostudents as group, and both have rw permissions.

From an application, or from the file browser, any files or folders have
the user testps as owner, with rw, and the group photostudents with r
(no w).
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for listening...


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I always just do a

chmod -R 2770 /directory

and that seems to work OK


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the views of Portsmouth College
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